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Cheap AC Car Recharge and Maintenance Service in San Antonio, TX

What is the best thing about having a car in the melting heat of San Antonia, TX? The air conditioning in it of course! A chilling environment in your comfy vehicle sounds like a great idea when the outside world literally feels like that it`s located on the sun. However, did you know that the air conditioning in your car actually reduces the number of miles per gallon of your vehicle? Now, consider that for some reason the system breaks down. During the system breakdown, leakage of refrigerant can occur. This leakage is extremely harmful for both your car and the environment.

Where should you go for car AC repair?

Car Air Conditioning service may come off as an expensive service and so you decided to delay it for the next month. Delaying car ac maintenance can cause damage to your car`s evaporator and compressor. Not getting your vehicle into an auto ac repair station would double the expenses and the trouble. Luna Car Center in San Antonio, TX isn’t just a used cars dealership but it is an excellent place for getting affordable auto repair services. Our expert hands are available around the clock to not just fix your problem but also to provide a thorough inspection of your car for better maintenance.

What do we offer?

Being a successful pre-owned cars dealership, we understand that how much it means to have a vehicle with proper conditioning and maintenance. When it comes to car ac maintenance, we provide the following benefits:

  • Visual inspection by a professional technician of your car`s air conditioning unit.
  • Replacement of your air conditioning unit if needed along with A/C compressor and belt check
  • Determination of cooling performance by applying Freon level checks

We believe in giving you a service which doesn’t require you needing a follow up maintenance. We do not want our customers to come often for the same repair job just so our business could flourish. We will provide you an ambient repair which will last you for a while. Check our Service Department page on our website for more details.

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