Only few of us are experts in auto repairing and even fewer of us have the obsession of knowing everything about our vehicles. So for the most of us who have no idea whatsoever that why all of a sudden our car started bouncing like a ball every time it hits a speed bump, we wouldn’t pay much attention to it because we have no idea about it. What are struts and shocks? How much damage it can do if they aren’t replaced? All these questions are answered only when you know what are struts and shocks.

Knowing the functions of struts and shocks:

Not all vehicles have both struts and shocks and each have their own function to perform. For starters the shock absorbers in your vehicle dampen the oscillation of the springs and stop your car from bouncing off a bump. Shock absorbers are part of the suspension system while the strut is a complete suspension assembly. The struts and the shock absorbers help in keeping the control on your car and make it possible for you to not sway away from the road. So the next time you hear the sentence “your shocks blew out” then you better be prepared to face the following damages if you ignore to take your car into a workshop:

  • The car will sway away
  • You`ll lose control of your car
  • Vehicles bounces off when on a rough road
  • The front end starts to dive when brakes are applied.

Luna Car Center Auto-Repair Services:

Even though Luna Car Center in San Antonio, TX is a pre-owned cars dealership but we are sufficiently well-equipped with providing almost every type of repairing services. Our factory trained technicians are available around the clock for strut and shock repairs. Our first priority is to get your vehicle through a complete inspection so that we can start providing services accordingly. We highly encourage our customers to always bring in their vehicles to our stations for routine inspection. You can easily go through the Service Department`s section on our website or call us for further queries.

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