Maintenance is the key to a long lasting product. When we invest in something as expensive as a car whether it’s new or used, we expect it to last us as long as it took to earn the investment for it. Your car requires attention, care and something as realistic as getting it through annual car inspections. The good thing about car inspections is that it can save you from potential damage that would have happened if you ignored the signs. Auto tune up services help technicians to check all the critical performances starting from the engine to the base line.

What does an auto tune service involves?

If you are smart enough to bring your amazing vehicle into the Luna Car Center workstation then you will avail the following Car Tune up Services:

  • A check up on the battery`s voltage which is really important for the electronics of the car.
  • A thorough inspection of the charging voltage, dynamic compression and power balance which is important in indication any sort of mechanical disturbance like worn rings, leaky exhaust values, bad head gasket etc. If these problems aren’t tend to then they can result in compromising engine performance.
  • Checking of the engine vacuum in order to detect any air leakages as well as exhaust restrictions.
  • To ensure maximum efficiency, checking up on the operation of the fuel feedback control loop is carried out in order to confirm that the system is going into a closed loop operation.
  • Ignition timing is checked along with the operation of the EGR valve.

Luna Car Center is the name of quality:

Quality has always been a priority for the most popular pre-owned vehicles dealership in San Antonio, TX. Our auto repair services are the highlight of our technique and experienced personnel who are dedicated to fix your car as if it just came out of the showroom. Being able to sell used car, we know how highly regarded maintenance of a vehicle is and that is why we practice perfection when it comes to Auto Tune up Services and other mechanical fix ups.

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